Aloe juice helped my son in his recovery with Celiac Disease

I have been drinking the aloe juice on and off for several years. Shortly after my son was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, we made several changes and one of them was to drink the Aloe Juice on a daily basis. I strongly believe it helped my son build up his strength once again after having been so sick. His body was very weak and sickly from not being able to absorb the nutrients we had been pumping his body with. Once we got him on the gluten free diet, he needed help to build himself up. The aloe juice seemed to be great at helping with that and iIt was also gluten free. My son makes sure I don’t forget to put glasses out for everyone in the morning.

My three children when they were younger gave it the name “magic juice”. They asked for the juice when they were not feeling well and knew it would help them feel better. I have asked them over the years why some days they drink it more than other days and they have said they were feeling tired or feeling a little under the weather and have found that drinking the juice helps.

We even give the juice to our animals when they are feeling under the weather. Our dog had gotten hurt and not able to walk on all fours. We were told he needed to be on a very expensive dog food and prescription. After he had been on the food and prescription for a month there seemed to be no improvement, so I decided to put him on the aloe juice and glucosamine and within a few days he was walking around like nothing had happened to him. Every so often our dog will overdo it and I’ll give him the aloe juice and he is as good as new.

Some people will think this is a little extreme; but I love animals and if there is a reasonable way to help them I will. We purchased three chickens and one died, then another became ill. We were told it would probably die as well. Me being stubborn and not wanting this creature to pass, I got my aloe juice and an eye dropper and fed this chicken the Aloe juice several times a day. It was amazing; she survived and gave us wonderful eggs.

Our family really believes in the aloe products that Grace Cosmetics makes. The aloe juice is a part of our everyday life and we really believe it is one of the best things we can do for ourselves.

The Yeomans family
Feb 2008