“No significant changes in my complexion after using Grace for 10 years!”

It was time to renew my driver’s license, which in our Province is every 5 years, and of course I was dreading the photo session. When the clerk had finished the paper work and it was time for the new photo, I asked if I might retain the photo from my expiring driver’s license. She cut it off and held it in her hand as we approached the photo booth. She took the new photo, looked at the screen and then looked at the old one in her hand, and said we needed to take another. After 2 more photos, she called over the male clerk and they both looked at the new photo on the screen and the one in her hand. I was getting a little worried thinking someone had stolen my identity. I finally asked if there was a problem and she called me over. She said she couldn’t believe it, the new photo was almost identical to the old one and it appears I hadn’t aged in five years. She said she had never seen this before.

trish demmers 2000 drivers picture
2000 driver's license
trish dimmers 2005 drivers picture
2005 driver's license

I started laughing, thanked her and said it was all the result of using an awesome anti-aging skincare product for the last ten years. Needless to say, I am meeting with the clerk to get her started on Grace! This got me thinking about how we keep expecting to see changes as we continue to use our Grace Skin care. We should be celebrating the fact that there are no changes! Isn’t that what Grace is all about – preserving the skin and slowing down the aging process.

There is not a person in this world that can tell me Grace "does not work” and I have photos to prove it!!

Trish Demmers
Kelowna, BC
May 2005