Family Cat's Wounds Healed by Aloe

Our family's cat, Boots, is a bit of a wild guy. He like to tear it up with the neighbourhood cats at night. It is not unusual for him to stay away for several nights at a time. One particular morning he turned up at home and his ear had been bitten through.

In the next few days it began to swell from the effects of an infection. Cats heal from the inside out, so I knew it was important to keep the cut from scabbing over while it healed. I soaked a cloth in Aloe Juice twice a day to soften the crust that would form and also used the Aloe soaked cloth to wipe away the infection that would ooze out. It was disgusting, but by day three the swelling had gone down, the infection was gone and the sore was just starting to heal. In the next few days it completely healed over.

Michelle Jensen
Quatsino, BC