Impaled Pony healed with Aloe Juice

My pony Cindy was rolling and impaled herself with a stick or branch. As she tried to get free she re-impaled herself. We found her standing with her head down and blood dripping down from her abdomen. We called the vet and as he examined her he could see two deep wounds going into her abdomen. Luckily her abdominal organs had not been impaled but she had an infection.

The vet and neighbour who raise horses were over together and neither one thought that this pony would recover. She was put on antibiotics, but after a reasonable time for the healing to take place she wasn't improving. The vet shared with me later that he wasn't giving the pony antibiotics for her, but really for me because he held no hope out for the pony's recovery. But he knew that I desperately wanted her to recover.

At this point, I got a very large syringe and started to fill her abdominal cavity with Aloe Juice. That is when she started to heal and recovered completely. Both the vet and my neighbour were quite amazed as they never expected her to recover. She was as good as new after this incident and lived to be 45 years old.

Marlene Felsing
Courtenay, BC