Grace cosmetics is totally pro-active in providing solutions for acne, troubled skin, eczema and dermatitis.

No longer do you or your friends need to suffer unnecessarily with uncomfortable skin or skin that takes away your self esteem. I personally suffered through my teens with acne and I can assure you, I tried all types of products but none were able to help in any way, shape or form. In fact, some treatments even heightened by skin problems, so I can truly empathize with anyone who is seeking long-term, clear skin.

At nineteen years of age, I was to experience the answer to my prayers. I tried, what is today called, Grace Cosmetics. I was so impressed with the results; I gave up my management career in the beauty business to dedicate my life to sharing these amazing products. Twenty-one years later, I am still as excited about Grace Cosmetics as I was all those years ago. Why? Well, it’s not just me who received an answer to my acne; I have seen thousands of other people experience the same outstanding results. Results are what people are looking for. Now that I am forty years old, I can testify to the long-term preserving qualities of Grace Cosmetics’ natural and botanical products. I am constantly told I look years younger than my age and, of course, am very grateful for that. The preserving qualities, along with the benefits of flushing the pores of oil, dirt, dead skin cells and makeup, keeps our skin looking younger and healthier. The botanical oils found within the Grace Skin Care products are all water soluble, not water based, which, although not many realize it, makes a major difference.

Julie Chanranduk