How Aloe Vera has helped me in my healing process

elaine michaudMy name is Elaine Michaud, and in December 2007 I was diagnosed with a rare cancer known as olfactory neuroblastoma, which affects your sinus area. Upon referral to doctors in Vancouver, I found out that the tumor had expanded to my right brain lobe, and was quite large. I was also told that this was an inoperable cancer, and it was recommended that I start radiation treatment right away. The treatments would consist of six weeks, five times a week. In addition to the radiation treatments, it was suggested that I also have chemotherapy treatments to help combat the growth of the disease. I only completed three chemotherapy sessions, as it was difficult to handle with the radiation.

A facial mask was formed to pinpoint the areas where the radiation was to take place. This was done to keep my head still and also to allow the technicians to pinpoint only the areas that needed to be treated, and not to damage other important facial features such as my eyes.

During my treatments I used Grace Cosmetic products, which contain a pure organic aloe vera ingredient. I faithfully kept up the skin care regime during my treatments on a daily basis. Although I did suffer a small bit of redness on my forehead, I did not suffer from any radiation burns. I had experienced seeing others during the same treatment whose skin was burnt red or purple and weeping.

In addition to the cosmetic products, I also used the Inner Leaf Aloe Juice. At first, I was unable to drink it on my own, and it was included in my feeding tube. Once I was able to drink it on its own, I know that it helped in my healing process. I was bound and determined to see my grandson get married, and at that time he was only 3.

It is now two years later, and I am still alive. I have my doctors, oncologists, family and other caring support that has helped me along the way. But I also truly believe that using the Grace and Pro-Ma aloe vera products have been very conducive to my healing process along the way, and I continue to faithfully use them each and every single day.

Elaine Michaud
January 2011