Usefulness of Grace Products during Chemotherapy treatment

My father started chemotherapy treatment for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. This means that every 3 weeks for a 5 months period he requires strong chemotherapy treatment. Although medications have improved greatly in the last few years for post chemotherapy days, there are still some unwanted side effects that occur, like hair loss, which you can cope with and very itchy skin, which is hard to deal with, to name just a few of the potential side effects. About 10 days after my father's first round of chemotherapy he had a very constant irritating itch all over his body. He consulted a doctor, at this time it was found that his blood tests were they wanted them to be, but he was told that it was just a side effect from the chemotherapy and was prescribed  2 different types of antihistamines. Unfortunately, these antihistamines really did not relieve the symptoms brought on by his chemotherapy treatment and the itchiness and scratching continued. At this time I was talking to my friend Julie, who suggested he try Aleo Medicated Skin Cream, Aloe Organics Pure Aloe Gel and Aloe-Aid Soothing Spray, as they have the ingredients that would help relieve the very irritating itchiness over the body which had occurred from about 10 days post chemotherapy.

These were obtained  and then on day 9 after the next round of chemotherapy, he started to use the Aleo Medicated Skin Cream 4 hourly and alternated this with the Aleo Gel about 4-6 times per day. The Pure Aleo Gel was immediately very soothing to the skin. He also used the Aleo-Aid Soothing Spray to a few specific areas on his arms and legs to relieve any smaller areas that may have been about to become itchy.
These products worked fantastically.  This time round, the post chemotherapy days were so much more bearable and the terrible itch that he had previously experienced day and night was not there! Thank you GRACE Aleo range for these wonderful products.

I wanted to let people, who may be having chemotherapy or who may know someone who is having chemotherapy, know about this experience my father had to relieve his itchy skin.  I would certainly encourage the use of GRACE'S, Aleo Medicated Cream,  the wonderful, Aloe Organics Pure Aleo Gel and Aleo-Aid Soothing Spray for the relief of the irritating itchy skin, side effect from the very necessary Chemotherapy treatment.

Yours sincerely,
Debbie Barlow