My skin has never felt as good or looked as great as it does today

cindy lodder testimonial My skin became fairly oily during my teenage years and as a result I searched for a skin care regime that would meet my skin's needs. However the products I tried weren't delivering the results I was looking for.

In 1992, I had the privilege of receiving a 'complimentary facial' from a Grace Cosmetics Consultant. The positive effect the products had on my skin were amazing. The Non-Surgical Face Lift made my skin feel so good and provided a noticeable difference with the softening of lines around my face. I was convinced that this was the Skin Care range for me. The beauty of these synergistically formulated products are enhanced through the Aloe Vera base evident in the Grace Cosmetics range. Not only is it of the highest quality, but the activity level is guaranteed. What is also impressive about Grace Cosmetics is that the ingredients are listed on the packaging so you know exactly what is being applied to your skin, totally natural and botanical formulations that are water soluble.

After using the range of Grace Cosmetics Natural and Botanical Skin Care for the last five years, my skin has never felt as good or looked as great as it does today. Grace Cosmetics is more than a range of Skin Care products, it is a business opportunity that provides you freedom, flexibility and an unlimited income earning potential. It is the opportunity of a lifetime. Try our products today and experience first hand the luxury of a quality Skin Care range at an affordable price.

Cindy Lodder