To All Those Who Own Horses and Dogs

cheryl howardMy family of 6, including myself, have been faithfully using many of the Pro-ma Systems Aloe products for us and for our horses, dogs and cats. The following testimonials are true and verifiable by our friends who also use aloe for their pet's health care.

I have had over 25 horse in the past 28 years and several dogs. Aloe has been our main medical treatment for many problems with our pets. It is always the first help that I turn to before phoning the vet and paying a high bill.

Our family is blessed to be Aloe distributors with Pro-ma Systems Canada. We have greatly benefited over the years by faithfully using the Aloe products for our children's health and our farm animal's health. I hope you discover the wonderful qualities of Aloe for yourself.

Cheryl Howard
Courtenay, BC