Benefits of drinking Aloe for Pregnant Moms and Babies too

baby sasha drinking aloe juice Judith had her 1st baby Sasha at the age of 35 July this year - 2011. When she first discovered in December 2010 that she was pregnant, we were all excited. However, at her age she was a high risk mother and also she has a small body frame. She kept on asking me a lot of questions especially the labour pains. Short cut I told her, sister you will definitely go on Proma aloe juice. 

I shared my testimony on how after been on aloe juice, my last pregnancy labour period was 30 mins and my baby was very clean and bouncer delivered at 4.5 kg. Judith started on 6 bottles January and kept on drinking aloe juice for the duration till July she had her baby. She would order what she calls her 6 packs :) and drank it faithfully.  The results:

  1. Her labour period was 3 hrs 30 mins, amazing for a 1st time mum.
  2. Baby Sasha is 5 months now and has not been sick since birth. Her mother still drinks aloe juice n feed her with aloe juice on a teaspoon :).
  3. Another amazing thing we found out, on Sasha's first immunization, the nurses told Judith that Sasha would have fever after her injections so Judith was advised to buy infant panadol at the chemist. Judith went and bought all the bottles of medication the nurses advised her. Day 1 went into day 2 and day 2 went into day 3 and Little baby Sasha had no reaction whatsoever. Judith was mad that she wasted money when aloe juice already did the job for her.  During Judith's clinic the doctor would check the baby’s heart beat and tell Judith that baby’s heartbeat is very clear and strong. Judith had pains and sores but all healed up very fast. She never gave up drinking aloe juice. 

Judith and Sasha love drinking aloe juice. Judith tells everybody that's Pro-ma's aloe baby. They will be joining Proma family soon when they sign up.  Baby Sasha is mix Ireland (IRISH), Greece, Oro and Milne Bay, a touch of Europe and PNG.  Judith will be bringing the baby to Proma office in her next visit when she calls in to purchase their next 6 packs aloe juice.

Hope you all meet the little lady that's surprising everybody with her growth and health. Am still learning a lot from this little baby cuz there are still new surprises. We don't know what's next in store cuz aloe juice is a miracle juice. Am learning a lot from this mother and daughter team of aloe juice lovers. 

Am sharing this testimony so that mothers to be or mothers expecting can read this and drink aloe juice for less labour pains and all numerous miracles that this aloe juice does. For me God answered my prayer on my dying bed when I begged him in prayer to let me live and give me an answer, that I would walk out of the hospital alive. And the next day, aloe juice was brought to me.  Without second thoughts , the very drink I use to hate became an answer to my prayer and a miracle.....

Baby Sasha will always be a living testimony of my proma business.  Please share this cuz there is someone out there who needs this story or this story will save a life. Olga, Judith will bring in Sasha in her next visit. Thank you and seasons greetings. 

Freda Genun Kavieng
Attached photo is my girlfriend Judith's baby.