How aloe vera helped me through my radiation and chemotherapy treatments. My name is Elaine Michaud, and in December 2007 I was diagnosed with a rare cancer known as olfactory neuroblastoma, which affects your sinus area. Upon referral to doctors in Vancouver, I found out that the tumor had expanded to my right brain lobe,
and was quite large. I was also told that this...
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elaine_michaudElaine Michaud

Aloe juice helped my son in his recovery with celiac disease. I have been drinking the aloe juice on and off for several years. Shortly after my son was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, we made several changes and one of them was to drink the Aloe Juice on a daily basis. I strongly... read more the Yeomans

Aloe products helped with my father's side effects from chemotherapy. My father started chemotherapy treatment for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. This means that every 3 weeks for a 5 months period he requires strong chemotherapy treatment. Although medications... read more

Debbie Barlow

Babies drinking aloe juice. Judith had her 1st baby Sasha at the age of 35 July this year - 2011. When she first discovered in December 2010 that she was pregnant, we were all excited. However, at her age she was a high risk mother and also she has a small body frame... read more

baby sashababy Sasha

Aloe drinking Cat lives 31 years. The world's oldest cat has died, two months after celebrating its 31st birthday. Spike, a ginger and white tom, died in his owner's arms at Bridport, Dorset. he Guineas Book of Records confirmed Spike's claim... read more


My skin has never looked or felt as great as it does today. My skin became fairly oily during my teenage years and as a result I searched for a skin care regime that would meet my skin's needs. However the products I tried weren't more

cindy liddon
Cindy Lodden

Grace cosmetics is totally pro-active in providing solutions for acne, troubled skin, eczema and dermatitis. No longer do you or your friends need to suffer unnecessarily with uncomfortable skin or skin that takes away your self esteem. I personally suffered through my teens with acne and I can assure you, I tried all types of more julie testimonial
Julie Chanranduk
"No significant changes in my complexion after using Grace for 10 years!” It was time to renew my driver’s license, which in our Province is every 5 years, and of course I was dreading the photo session. When the clerk had finished the paper work and it was time for the new photo, I asked if I might retain the photo from more trish demmers profile pic
Trish Demmers
Impaled pony healed with aloe juice. My pony Cindy was rolling and impaled herself in the abdomen with a stick on branch. As she tried to get free, she re-impaled herself. We found her standing with her head down and blood dripping down from her abdomen. We called the vet and as he examined her he could see two deep more horse_icon
Our family's cat Boots is a bit of a wild guy. He like to tear it up with the neighbourhood cats at night. It is not unusual for him to stay away for several nights at a time. One particular morning he turned up at home and his ear had been bitten through. In the next few days it more cat_icon
To all those who own horses and dogs. My family of 6, including myself, have been faithfully using many of the Pro-ma Systems Aloe products for us and for our horses, dogs and cats. The following testimonials are true and verifiable by our friends who also use more cheryl_howard
Cheryl Howard

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