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With Grace Cosmetics your skin will feel the difference; it is why these products continue to lead the field in natural, botanical, aloe based skin care. Let your skin feel the Grace difference…today!

five step skin care system

Basic 5 Steps to Radiant Skin

Step 1
Aloe Deep Cleanser is paramount. This penetrating deep-pore cleanser is completely water-soluble. For those with acne or troubled skin the perfect formula is the Tea Tree Facial Cleanser with Aloe.

Step 2
Aloe pH Freshener is a non-alcoholic, aloe intense liquid that penetrates to the cellular level to renew and refresh vital liquid moisture to the skin. Helps maintain a balance of the skin's pH, which in turn helps the skin maintain an even complextion.

Step 3
95% Aloe Hydrating Gel Its slightly viscous consistency acts as a barrier that helps retain moisture on the outer layers of the skin. The gel can also act as a mini tightening agent to refine those fine lines that so readily appear on the face when the skin is depleted of moisture.

Step 4
Aloe Eye Cream or Aloe Eye Gel is vital! Formulated to be extremely light, it soothes the delicate tissue around the eye area, which can be over saturated with heavier creams. This product should also be used around and on the lips.

Step 5
Aloe Moisturisers (Aloe Moisture Cream or Aloe Moist Dew or Infiniti-C Moisturizer).
Extremely critical as the final step of the 5-step program, formulated to hold moisture on the face for a longer period of time, shielding it from harmful environmental debris that assaults our skin on a daily basis. The Aloe Moisture Cream and Infiniti-C Moisturizer help soothe lines that may already be showing and helps prevent wrinkles from deepening.

Have you ever wondered what skin care products are right for you? We can help!

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